CNA: Animals from improvised pet shelter at Farmart Centre being evacuated

CNA | Mar 4, 2013

Animals from improvised pet shelter at Farmart Centre being evacuated Qiuyi Tan

Animal welfare code could be in place next year

CNA | May 17, 2013

Animal welfare code could be in place next year Tan Qiuyi

Shaun & Marilyn's Blessed Union

A Special Act on a Special Day

Instead of wedding gifts, Fats and Spars' owners asked their guests to donate to Cat Welfare Society's Special Appeals.

Thanks to the happy couple, the total donations helped us close 12 longstanding appeals! It is quite possibly the most warm-hearted way to celebrate a beautiful day and a start of a new journey together. Congratulations to Shaun & Marilyn!

Singapore cat owners, the clock starts now.

With the cat ownership pilot kicked-off, the real work begins now.

The clock starts now. We have 2 years... to show Singapore that HDB owners with cats can live harmoniously with other neighbours. *

No reason why cat ownership programme can't expand: K Shanmugam

LOVE CATS - Pilot Cat Ownership Project in Chong Pang

To qualify to be a cat owner in Chong Pang, cat owners will need to register with the Cat Welfare Society and abide by the following ownership conditions. The areas covered are Old Chong Pang and New Chong Pang.

Cat Ownership Conditions

Salsa Instrumental inspired by six-week old stray kitten “Little Boy”

Inspiration of Little Boy An instrumental salsa song inspired by a six-week old stray kitten that ended up on Juan's doorstep. He decided to nurse the kitten with his wife until he was old enough to be re-homed, and temporarily named the kitten “Little Boy”.


Position of Programme Manager

We are looking for a passionate, socially-minded self-starter to manage our current and upcoming programmes in Sembawang-Nee Soon.

This is a full-time position with CPF. This person must have a deep love for cats, people and community, who wants to see the estate become a model for responsible, socially conscious and harmonious living for cat owners, caregivers and other residents.

What we are looking for:

CWS 2013 Calendar - OPEN FOR ORDERS

The calendar is lovingly crafted by the amazing Brew Creative team and features some of the most talented cat photographers in the country. A heartwarming story is featured every month to inspire all of us as we survive 2013 together for the betterment of the welfare of community cats. The calendars are selling at $10 each. We are producing 5000 copies this year! Do buy them for your family, colleagues and friends. Also get them for your MPs, Town Council and HDB officers, let your community spirit touch them!

Mass cat walk at Bukit Panjang

Channel News Asia | Jul 22, 2012

Mass cat walk at Bukit Panjang Alvina Soh

Proving ownership of found/rescued cats

The case in the news recently about a dispute of ownership over a cat was closely watched over by the Cat Welfare Society because of the wider implications for rescuers who often pick up cats that are abandoned or lost from the streets for treatment, sterilisation and/or rehoming. Based on the circumstances, condition or breed of the cats, rescuers make a variety of decisions about what actions to take for the welfare of the cats. It would have implications to them if anyone could easily make claims of ownership on a cat.

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