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Recently, a Town Council officer from a Town Council we were generally working closely with has been pressuring volunteers to relocate cats while not providing full information that will help resolve the case.  She had also boasted that it was easy to trap and release cats to other...
82% SOLD! Do help to share this charity project to help community cats! 50 Meow Project” is a collaboration project of SlothStudio and Cat Welfare Society. The proceeds helps support cat sterilisation, caregiving and mediation efforts.  To commission a cat portrait, please email...
Islandwide Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme started in May 2014 - CWS offers FREE sterilisation of community cats in HDB areas. Bookings for free sterilisation at our participating clinics available through www.catwelfare.org/catsnip. Together, lets beat overpopulation...

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Very close with human, love to talk and playful
Grumpy old man
Sweet, Manja, Playful
Quiet Calm Loving
Fun, Playful, Loving
Fun Affectionate Loving
Playful, Energetic, Lovable