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Sweetie,the darling ginger cat of Still Road

Age 5 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Ginger
Current Fosterer leanlin
Contact Number 86784765

Sweetie was the darling of Still Road, Eunos.She would linger at a bus stop opposite Benji’s. She and her brother lived under a giant old tree in a field nearby.She and her brother occasionally linger around the bus stop and some commuters would play with them while awaiting their bus to arrive.Sweetie is an affable,gentle and docile ginger female cat.Sweetie and her brother used to live under an old giant tree in a small field ,behind the bus stop.When it rains, both would get soaked up in rain water.They prefer to take shelter under the great big tree rather than under the bus stop, nor at the coffeeshop nearby.I don’t know why though.Perhaps the thunder scares them.
It is heart breaking to see both of them soaked in rainwater,especially when it rains,so an old uncle always provides two cardboard boxes in the field,one for each cat.However,as the condition of Sweetie’s brother worsened,he was provided shelter for two weeks at Love Kuching.He eventually passed on in Nov 2016.That was he first and only time he experienced a soft towel to lie his head on. Sweetie has been left alone since then.
Sweetie is very alone now.She looked depressed for a while,and it is pitiful to see her.She is very consistent and habitual cat.When it rains,and at night,she would, as a routine,lie inside the cardboard box and sleep there.That is her where she calls home.However,the feeder at one time, noticed a big python in the big drain beside the bus stop.
Somehow,not everyone is that kind.Some would pick up her box ,even crush it,and throw it away.Seeing Sweetie’s difficult life,and not wanting it to prolong,a feeder decided to scoop her up and put her in the shelter.
Even at the shelter or at the open bus stop by the roadside,Sweetie is as affable as ever.She loves to rub her body against your legs,turn tummy up for tickles,nibble at your toes when she is playful.She is FIV positive.However,she will never ever fight with another cat.She is of very gentle nature.
Please won’t you consider giving Sweetie a home?
Adoption process as per CWS guidelines.
1) Potential adopters must be aware that adoption means commitment.They must be willing to commit to ensure the security,safety and health of the cat for the next maybe,15 years or more.
2) Potential adopters must be financially stable so that in any unforeseen event that the cat needs medical attention,the potential adopters can be depended upon to bring the cat to the vet to seek medical or surgical attention.
3)Potential adopters must be willing to mesh their homes whereby any fixtures deemed unsafe,such as grille doors or windows,louvre windows where the cat can squeeze through must be meshed.
4)Potential adopters must sterilize their cats from 6 months onwards.
5) Potential adopters must never feed the cat cheap,unhealthy cat food which is high in sodium contenet,and other additives,which may potentially lead to kidney disease.
6)Potential adopters must allow the fosterer or rescuer to make a home visit pre-adoption,to ensure that their home is fully meshed and is safe for a cat to dwell in.The rescuer and fosterer may make an occasional visit to ensure the cat is safe,happy and adaptable to her new surroundings.

If you’re interested please message me,Lean at 86784765

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