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5-Month-Old Kitten With Broken Jaw

Kitten was in need on the night of Tuesday 11th of November 2008. She had fallen from height and was in extreme pain, her mouth was bleeding. We had rushed her to Animal Recovery at Balestier and soon discovered that she had a broken jaw. It was split in half on the left side and she will surely starve to death if left untreated.

Despite protests from another one of my family members, I had approved the surgery for a small plate to inserted and for the jaw to be mended. I could not let her die. She is estimated to be 5 months old. Her medical bills came up to be $ 2964.

I'm actually writing in to appeal for a little help. I can't really afford the bill, and I have gathered $ 1000 contribution from my November/future Dec pay check and My cousin's December Bonus. The balance of $ 1964 is a strain, I have to be honest.

We will be taking Kitty in and will get her sterilized, she is now discharged and is at home with me on vitamins (CQ10, LingZhi, Vit E, Anti Stress formula, Felkamin, multivits) all donated by a kind soul that cried when she saw her small twisted body (her body is now mis-aligned, hopefully temporarily).

Please contact Fareena at if you would like to help this kitty.

UPDATE: Kitten is now ok! Thanks everyone who helped contribute to her recovery!

Cat That Lost His Limb and Eye

A community cat was found badly injured. He has an eye that has popped out of his head and a badly torn limb. Both were removed by the vet as it can't be saved at all. There's also deep lacerations all across his body. Very likely his jaw needs to be worked on too. He was found after missing for 5 days, severely dehydrated and injured but still meowing and acknowledging the caregiver! What a strong will to live! He could have been knocked by a car, mauled by dogs or worse, an abuse case. He is now recuperating well but sadly, he won't be able to return to the community and will need long term boarding too. His medical fees is now $ 1250.00 as of 20/11/08 , and his boarding fees will be $ 50.00 monthly. He's currently at Joyous Vet Sunshine Place Choa Chu Kang. If you're able to help, please email for contributions. Thank you.

Cat With Rectum Exposed in Toa Payoh

MESSAGE:We have collected enough funds to cover majority of the medical bills. The surgery was performed on the cat and he has recovered. Thanks so much.

An urgent appeal from a volunteer Janet:

Whitty Requires Accupuncture

This beautiful kitten fell from the 4th floor. She is having some trouble urinating on her own and her bowel movements are also a bit out of control. Her caregiver, Penny, has to help Whitty pee and poo all the time.

Whitty is currently undergoing accupuncture treatment at per session. It is estimated that she will need at least 10 sessions in order to recover.

This is the message on behalf of the caregiver:

Mother cat requires surgery for broken foot

On the 30th of January 2007, a female cat with newborn kittens of about a week was found to have a broken right hind leg. The person who is putting up this appeal managed to send the female cat to Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic and the 5 newborn kittens are now in a foster home. they have paid a deposit to the clinic and the vet has informed him that the cat needs surgery. Estimated cost for this is SGD1500.

The person sending this appeal says :

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