I have just knocked down a cat with my vehicle. What should I do?


Anyone involved in a hit-and-run accident can be fined up to $3,000 or jailed up to a year under the Road Traffic Act. This is applicable even if the victim is an animal.

The Road Traffic Act mentions that hitting a dog, cattle, a horse, ass, mule, sheep, pig or goat could be a crime. While it doesn't cover cats, there are grounds for a charge of cruelty to be responsible for the injury of an animal and not provide adequate help.

In the event that a driver hits an animal, the driver should slow down, stop the vehicle and check on the animal. As far as possible, the driver should take the animal to the nearest vet clinic as time is often of the essence.

Those with little experience in handling animals can call the SPCA emergency hotline at 62875355 ext 9. They should wait for SPCA staff members to arrive, while alerting motorists to slow down and drive cautiously - the traffic police will generally assist in this area.