I have been told that feeding cats is illegal. Is this true?


No it is not. Feeding cats is perfectly legal. Littering however, is illegal.

Please make sure that you feed responsibly and that the area is cleaned up after you are done with the feeding. If you have been stopped by residents or officers from feeding even though you observe good feeding habits, do carry around print outs of the following to educate them:

3-Step Responsible Feeding
Responsible Feeding Brochure (Front)
Responsible Feeding Brochure (Back)

If the harrassment escalates, call the police.

There may be irresponsible feeders in your neighbourhood that are causing the negative perception of all cat feeders. These feeders either do not clean up after feeding or they invite cats upstairs by feeding along corridors. If you come across any irresponsible feeding, do try to educate them as their actions may be the cause of complaints in your estate that is leading to the removal of cats for culling.