What do I do when I come across a questionable animal adoption/sale listing online?


It is illegal to sell animals without a license. If you have evidence that someone is breeding animals for sale in their home or on unlicensed premises, please alert the AVA at 1800 476 1600 or ava_cawc@ava.gov.sg.

If you are confident to do so, make contact with the seller by posing as a potential client. Do not reveal your agenda but ask pertinent questions that a buyer would legitimately ask and note down the responses.

  1. Where did the animal come from?
  2. Is the animal tested, sterilised or vaccinated?
  3. What kind of care would the animal need if I adopt/buy it?
  4. The price quoted seems expensive, why does the animal cost so much?
  5. How do I pick it up? 

If you are able to secure a meeting with the person, alert the Cat Welfare Society so that we can inform people in the area to assist. When you have enough information about the seller, close the deal with money and goods exchanging hands, preferably recorded in photos or videos. Cases are made or broken by the quality of information that is gathered.

Keep your cool and do not reveal your agenda or you close the door on further investigations by alerting the suspect. Most importantly, exercise caution at all times.