Name: Gladio
Seeking: Permanent Adopter
Adoption Status: Closed
Age: 4 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: Ginger
Description: [PENDING HOME ASSESSMENT WITH POTENTIAL ADOPTER] It was a rough start for little Gladio. Where he grew up and sought refuge was filled with cars and constant traffic, making it a dangerous playground. This is in addition to the fact that Gladio was a dirty and skinny kitten trying to make ends meet by scavenging for scraps outside a coffee shop. No patron paid attention to him at all. Some medical attention, a bath, company from both cats and hoomans, and a bit of snugs make Gladio a different kitten from two weeks ago. During this period, we see Gladio evolve from a cautious and distrustful kitten to a confident and playful chap. As such, we believe that Gladio does not belong to the streets and deserves a good home of his own. Gladio still takes a short while to warm up to strangers, but after that, he transforms to an active child who loves to play and eat. He is currently around 3 months old, de-fleaed, dewormed and vaccinated. Interested parties must take note of the following criteria: 1. Adopter must be at least 23 years of age; 2. Obtaining mutual agreement on the adoption from all family members in the household; 3. Cat-proofing their home so as to ensure Gladio's safety and to keep him indoors; 4. Provide vet care (follow up vaccinations and whenever he needs medical attention); 5. Offer quality diets and adequate stimulants like toys and scratchers; 6. Home assessments; 7. Adoption contract and fee to offset part of his rescue expenses, which includes boarding and medical costs.
You can contact fosterer ruzhen_l by:
· Sending a board message
· Texting/calling the fosterer at 98000750

Posted on May 18, 2017, 3:39 pm