Adopt or Foster a Cat

You can imagine that a Society that goes around resolving cat issues around the island will be drowning in rescued cats. We are. 

Adopt a Cat

The best thing anyone can do to save a cat is to adopt one. Your life will be changed and always for the better. But only if you are ready for the commitment. 

At Cat Welfare Society, we do not run a shelter. Our adoption board and drives serves a vast network of volunteers and caregivers islandwide who are on the frontline in the unbating work of rescuing, fostering and rehoming. They are the ones who face the dire consequences of overbreeding, abandonment, neglect and abuse head-on.

As cat owners, we already help so much when we do not add to these problems - simply by being responsible owners who sterilise our pets, keep them safe indoors and not patronise cat breeders who perpetuate the neverending cycle of for-profit ethics and impulse buying. In many ways, our local cats are just as sweet, affectionate and adorable. 

So you have made the decision to adopt. Thank you! Our adoption guidelines can help you get ready for your new cat. It's accumulation of best practices can ensure you have a smooth transition to a full-fleged cat parent!

Now let a cat touch your heart at our Adoption Board.


Sezairi on Adoption(2017)

Vanessa on Fostering(2017)

Foster a Cat

As situations are uncovered in real-time, a strong network of fosterers who are able to come forward at a moment's notice can make a big difference to the welfare of cats. 

Fosterers are critical when it comes to the very young or the sick, as they require a lot of attention. Sometimes, it can also be a perfectly healthy cat who is caught between an irresponsible owner and an irate neighbour and needs an urgent place to go. 

Fostering a cat can certainly be a life-changing experience, especially when what you do has an immediate impact and you can see the transformation in a cat, physically and emotionally. 

So you have made the decision to foster. Thank you! You will receive a fosterer's kit to help you through the care of a cat and the adoption screening process. 

As fosterers, we bear the full costs of the expenses for the cat or a cost-sharing arrangement can be worked out with the rescuer. More often, we know the rescuers have their hands full and fostering is to help them out as they attend to other cats. It is good to also discuss the time period that you are able to foster so that the rescuer can make alternative arrangements if the cat is not adopted in that time.

Join us as a fosterer!