Foster a cat

You can imagine that a Society that goes around resolving cat issues around the island will be drowning in rescued cats. We are. The Cat Welfare Society does not run a shelter. Our adoption board and drives serves a vast network of volunteers, fosterers and caregivers islandwide who are on the frontline in the unbating work of rescuing, fostering and rehoming. 

They make a difference everyday. So can you. 

Through Rescue Central, we aim to 

GROW the number of people who'd respond to a cat in need.
RAISE the standard of care provided to rescued cats.
Soon we will also SUPPORT first responders who throw themselves in headfirst whenever they see a cat in need.  

Kickstarting a Fosterer Registry

Join us as a fosterer

We want to help 50 first-time fosterers on their journey to save a life. These 50 first-time fosterers will receive
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Starter Kits 
When you sign up at the link above, you will be connected to one of our Fosterer Mentors. When you are ready to undertake your first foster case, you will have access to a Starter Kit that comprises of 

We sincerely thank Silversky for being our first food sponsors for the programme and Causes for Animals for co-sponsoring vaccinations for 100 cats.

Raising Standards of Cat Care at Training Central 

Our inaugural Fostering 101 training will kickstart in July. We will also be working with love Kuching Project and other training partners to launch a series of training from novice to mastery levels to share knowledge and provide hands-on training. The training is open to members of the public with priority to fosterers who have signed up for the programme. 

Join us as a fosterer today


Supporting Humane First Responders

The Society aims to fundraise to kickstart this support programme in 2017. Stay tuned. 

Want to adopt instead and change a cat's life forever? 

Our adoption guidelines can help you get ready for your new cat. It's accumulation of best practices can ensure you have a smooth transition to a full-fleged cat parent.

Now let a cat touch your heart at our Adoption Board


Sezairi on Adoption(2017)

Vanessa on Fostering(2017)