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CNA: Spike in abandoned pets during year-end festive season

CNA | Feb 17, 2013 Spike in abandoned pets during year-end festive season
Tan Qiuyi
SINGAPORE: The festive season is well over, but animal welfare volunteers are still dealing with the aftermath of "pet spring-cleaning". The number of abandoned pets saw its usual spike over the year-end period. Activists say the yearly numbers are not coming down. 150 cats were abandoned in three months, from November 2012 to January 2013. These were just cases that were reported to the Cat Welfare Society, so the real numbers are likely to be higher.

Animal cruelty on the rise

MyPaper | Sep 9, 2013

Few hauled up in animal abuse cases Samantha Boh

Donate to Spay Day 2010 to improve the lives of community cats!


We spayed a record of 210 cats last year. Help us spay even more cats this year!
We are setting ourselves the target of 300 cats this year to help even more community cats!

Donate to CWS for Spay Day 2010 at

Bank: DBS Current Account
Account number: 065 - 013507 - 8
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 065

with an email to with the title "Donation to Spay Day 2010" and the following infomation:

Name of donor:
Amount donated:
Transacting bank:
Transaction number:

Update on Administration of Special Appeals

The Special Appeals page is to help caregivers gain more support for the care of community cats. As many donors have asked for better accountability, from 1 Sep 2010, all donations for Special Appeals will be channelled through CWS and disbursed to cargivers accordingly to ensure veracity of appeals and transparency of donations of funds.

Caution Against Fraudulent Adopters

The Singapore Police Force has recently concluded an investigation with the help of the Cat Welfare Society against a fraudulent person that had utilised CWS's Adoption Bulletin for personal gain & cheating.

SPCA calls on AVA to stop use of glue traps

MyPaper | Feb 21, 2012

SPCA calls on AVA to stop use of glue traps Samantha Boh

How to Keep a Cat Indoors

Indoor cats are safer cats!

Many cat owners still think that cats deserve freedom to run in the great outdoors. They feel that cats are by nature free-spirited roaming animals.

Cat Welfare 2010

The proliferation of stray animals in our communities is a human-created problem. They are here as a direct result of human-driven activities - a thriving live pet trade, irresponsible breeding and pet abandonment. Isn't it time we face up to the root cause?

MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore's first Tiger Show

Singapore, 10 February 2010 | For Immediate Release

CWS: A Look Ahead

Cat Welfare Society has had a solid month of fundraising with the LPN Cat Day at Suntec City, the Cat’s Night Out “In Search of the Most Beautiful Domestic Cat” at Jurong Point and that unforgettably tongue-in-cheek STrip “What’s New Pussycat?” campaign. Besides raising funds for stray sterilisation, these light-hearted occasions gave us a rare chance to let our hair down with other cat groups, volunteers and with the public. Now the fun is over, it is time to get back down to the serious business of cat welfare.

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