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The feisty catwomen

REDIFFUSION | June 2011 Friz from Rediffusion's SYNC - Your Lifestyle Radio interviewed Fareena and Veron in June 2011. Listen to the interview here!

Cats for the community

Going Places | Jul 30, 2013 Cats for the community Felines purr their way into the hearts of residents and tie the community together in a totally unexpected way. Eunice Lew

Animal welfare: Response good so far, says Shanmugam

TODAY | Jan 3, 2012

Animal welfare: Response good so far, says Shanmugam
Vimita Mohandas and Olivia Siong

Strays get to come in from the cold

MND Newsroom | Nov 12, 2011 MOS TAN ANNOUNCES PILOT SCHEMES AT RPO ROADSHOW ON 12 NOV 2011 Source: MND Newsroom AsiaOne | Nov 12, 2011 Pet ownership, stray management policies reviewed Most animal-related problems we face today have their roots in irresponsible pet ownership and inconsiderate behaviour, said Minister of State (Manpower and National Development) Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.

Of saving dogs and catching stray cats...

The Straits Times | Aug 15, 2011 Of saving dogs and catching stray cats... Li Xueying PM says not all issues are best solved by Govt, and hopes S'poreans will do more ON JUNE 2, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan wrote on his blog saying he had asked the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority to review its practice of culling stray cats. The deed, however, raised some fur. Surely the minister has other pressing priorities and should not be worrying about catching cats, a reader protested in a letter to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao.

Message from Committee

2010 saw a 40% increase in the number of community cats sterilised through our Society’s Spay Day and reimbursement scheme from 2009. We hope to keep this momentum going, while continuing in our efforts to engage the government authorities on reinstating the stray cat rehabilitation programme so that more cats can be sterilised. The numbers are encouraging, as the number of cats sterilised increased, the number of cats culled by AVA last year also fell to an all-time low at 2556.

CWS Bulletin | The Mews - AGM 2011

CWS in the News!


The Straits Times and The New Paper gave valuable coverage to animal welfare groups in Singapore recently. The Cat Welfare Society was mentioned in both articles, featuring our President Fareena and our CWS Mediator Michelle respectively!

Pawfect Pets - A puppy mill awareness campaign

About The Campaign

Where did that cute puppy in the window come from? 98% of puppies in Singapore's pet stores are from puppy mills*, where breeding dogs suffer a cruel fate that’s arguably worse than death.  These breeding dogs live in very poor conditions where overcrowding, poor sanitation, and contagious diseases are the order of the day. Their only purpose is to reproduce and once they are unable to do so, they are thrown out and left to fend for themselves. *Source:

It's Up to Me 2011

Policies are as good as its perceived fairness and integrity.

Policies however are often made with very practical concerns in mind - social order and enforceability. As such, advocacy for change must focus not only on why policies should be changed but how they can be changed to be fairer, more inclusive while still upholding social order and enforceability.

Be the change 2010

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