URGENT: [SA16033] Seeking Donations for Stray Kitten with Fractured Leg

Baby is a stray kitten found in the northern Singapore. She was first discovered while under attack by a bigger cat. She was found to be limping and her left hind leg was trailing behind her each time she tried to get up to walk.




As there was no blood or any visible open wound, she was brought to a vet for professional assessment. She was diagnosed with a Distal Tibia Fibula Fracture. Baby was hospitalized to undergo fluid therapy for severe dehydration and food intake.




Baby underwent a successful surgery and recovered well. She has since been adopted.

The total medical cost incurred was SGD 1018. 16.




As the caregiver was able to collect a donation of SGD 390.00 through other means, she is appealing for donations to help defray the remaining cost incurred for Baby, with the appeal amount at SGD 628.16.

How You Can Help: 

We are urgently appealing for donations to help defray the cost incurred for Baby , with the appeal amount at SGD 628.16.

Please fill in details hereBy providing your Tax Reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN), the tax deduction for your donation will be automatically included in your tax assessment. You would not need to claim the deduction in your tax form.

Kindly send a donation to CWS' account:

Bank: DBS Current Account
Account number: 065 - 013507 - 8 
Bank Code: 7171 
Branch Code: 065

Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts will be channelled to the oldest open Special Appeal.

Thank you!