Name: Sweetie
Seeking: Permanent Adopter
Adoption Status: Open
Age: 5 years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: Ginger
Description: Hi! Introducing Ms Sweetie! Sweetie is a very sweet girl,and she was found living with her brother on a patch of grassland along Still Road,Eunos.They had no shelter to shield them from the rain or sun,so an uncle would sometimes bring a cardboard box for them to take shelter especially when it rains.However,residents around the area,for no reason,would throw away the cardboard box,which is their only home. So when it rained, Sweetie and her poor sickly brother would take shelter under the big tree,and somehow, they would get soaked eventually. Her brother eventually fell too sick and died,leaving Sweetie alone.Sweetie would sometimes climb onto the big tree's trunk,and she would be look so cool,passers by found her so adorable that they would take photographs of her.She would also mingle with the people who wait for buses at a nearby bus stop,looking for food She is so gentle and endearing that her rescuer was afraid for her life,fearing human abuse. Then there was news that a big python was seen lurking in the big drain beside the patch of grassland.That was when the rescuer decided enough is enough and took her into foster care.However,the foster care cannot last long as the rescuer has financial constraints. So,Sweetie may go back to the grass patch if no permanent adopter comes along. Please wouldn't you give Sweetie a chance to have a sweet,loving home for the rest of her days? She has been fully vaccinated,dewormed and Revolution applied. Also she has been trained to use the litter when she pee and poo.She has been sterilized. She is a warm loving soul,and enjoys being caressed.She is calm,and very trusting after getting to know you. Please refer to http://www.catwelfare.org/adoptions for conditions which include :1) adopters must allow for house visits 2) adopters to keep Sweetie strictly indoors 3) cat proof of home ie full meshing of doors and windows 4) ensure quality food and visits to the vet whenever Sweetie needs the visit 5) adoption fees apply. Please message me at 86784765 if interested.
You can contact fosterer leanlin by:
· Sending a board message
· Texting/calling the fosterer at 86784765

Posted on June 11, 2017, 1:23 am