Name: Salad
Seeking: Permanent Adopter
Adoption Status: Open
Age: 1 year
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: Calico/Tortie
Description: Meet Salad. She is one pretty cat with colourful woven coat and nice bright eyes. A delightful mix of beauty and quietness. She's one of the few surviving cats in an industrial area where many cats had mysteriously gone missing. She was rescued by a TNR trapper. A year old, tame and gentle. I saw her at the veterinary center two days ago. She was a little scared but we could tell that she has a good all-round nature. She has been sterilized. If you’ve got room in your heart for Salad and able to cat-proof your home, please contact 9620 9976.
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Posted on November 1, 2017, 4:17 pm