Junior, Dumex & Friso for adoption

Name: Junior, Dumex & Friso for adoption
Seeking: Permanent Adopter
Adoption Status: Open
Age: 3 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: Calico/Tortie
Description: Junior, Dumex and Friso beautiful siblings are up for adoption. They are playful and healthy little kittens. Estimate DOB: 8 April 2017 Name: Junior Colour: tortoise shell Gender: female Name: Dumex Colour: Tabby Gender: male Name: Friso Colour: calico Gender: female Adoption criteria: 1. House must be meshed up - windows and gate - and the cat must be kept strictly indoors 2. Good quality food and regular vet care to be provided 3. Kittens must be sterilised wen they are 5 to 6 months old (earlier if they go into heat before that). 4. House visit prior to the adoption and adoption contract and adoption fee post-confirmation apply WhatsApp 90286819
You can contact fosterer nebisa.ali by:
· Sending a board message
· Texting/calling the fosterer at 90286819

Posted on July 8, 2017, 10:42 pm